Wooden Accessories, Watches, Sunglasses, Phone Cases and More

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Wooden Accessories, Watches, Sunglasses, Phone Cases and More

In recent times, the fashion world has developed so much and so fast that it can be a little difficult to keep up with all of the trends especially the understated ones such as wooden accessories. When most people think of fashion accessories, it is often centered on gold, silver or copper style accessories and rarely any attention is given to wood until very recently. For an element that offers a variety of shapes, finishes, and designs; wooden accessories are without a tinge of doubt a really modern and expressional fashion statement. In this article, we would talk about wooden accessories with a focus on wooden watches, wooden phone cases, and wooden sunglasses and the benefits/reason everyone should have one.

Seeing as wooden accessories have in recent years become more refined such that there are now a variety of options from watches to sunglasses and even belts, it is important to note that most fashionistas consider wooden watches as the prize winner of wooden accessories and following that assumption, let’s talk about wooden watches first and then further down the article, we would discuss wooden sunglasses and wooden phone cases for protecting your mobile devices.

The fact is, that while these watches are called wooden watches, it is not exactly made of just wood as it also needs some help from other materials such as metal to create the mechanics of movement, hence it can be said that wooden watches are just a little limited in flexibility. This, however, does not have a damning effect on the accessory because what wooden watches do not provide in flexibility per se, it makes up for with its visual appeal. Some of the best wooden watches are usually a blend of two or more hues/materials of wood. The process of making wood watches is actually more cost effective and resource saving because of most of the materials easy accessible. Most wood manufacturers get their wood from pieces of wood used in the furniture factory that is too small to make another furniture but just enough to make a wooden watch.

While a wooden watch does not exactly substitute for waterproof watches, it is able to handle some water contact without ruining the entire accessory. In fact, some of the wooden watch cases are waterproof, even though submerging the band in water could cause the wood to expand.

Like most other elements such as gold, silver and copper watches; wood watches can be worn across a variety of attires. Whether it is a business outfit or just a casual wear, wooden watches sit just perfectly on the arm and blends in seamlessly. If you are looking to ditch the everyday look and do something refreshingly dynamic and stylish, then a wood watch is what you should slap on your wrist. Here are some bullet point benefits of wearing wood watches.




Wooden luxury watch

Asides the fact that accessories made from wood are a natural and renewable resource (unlike metal, gold, and copper), wearing wooden accessories like wood watches particularly is a great way to make your own fashion statement. Wood watches are versatile, unique and for the most parts offer a little bit of an exception to the norm. To put this into perspective, here are a few reasons you should ditch your plastic or metal watch for wooden watches.

  1. Variety.
  2. There are no two wooden watches that are the same as each wood watch is unique from all the other wood watches seeing as they are all handcrafted. Due to the peculiarities of manufacturing wood watches, it is not very easy to mass produce them like metal or plastic watches.
  3. The older, the better.

The older your wood watch gets, the better they look because wood texture and color evolves continually over time. This is one very noticeable advantage that this contemporary accessory has over the metal style watches because unlike metal watches that would wear down as they get older, wood watches look even better the longer you wear them.

  1. Wooden watches are durable and considerably lighter than metal watches.

Wood is actually one of the most durable materials on earth and even better is the fact that it is also very light. Compared to metal watches that carry a bit of weight, wooden watches have a very comfortable wear. Watches made from metal, are subject to temperature and climate (getting hotter in the heat and cold in the cooler temperatures), on the other hand, wood watches are not subject to changes in temperature and climate in the same way that metal is. Thanks to its durability, wood watches never rust in damp climate conditions.

  1. Wooden watches are economical and eco-friendly.

Wooden watches are made mostly from leftover furniture wood and as such the cost of manufacture is considerably lower than that of metal watches. Furthermore, wood is a sustainable resource as it is renewable and grows naturally. Less energy is required when it comes to making products such as wood watches from wood and as a result, its manufacture has a low carbon footprint. For fashionistas who double as enthusiasts of the ecosystem, you would be pleased to know that wood stores excess carbon dioxide from the air. This means that by wearing wood watches you are helping remove these chemicals from the atmosphere.

  1. Versatility.

Unlike metal watches, wooden watches blend easily with any outfit you are wearing. This accessory works well with business outfits as well as it does with a casual outfit.

Simply put, wooden watches are a must have accessory!

Now that we have sufficiently highlighted the many benefits of wearing wooden watches, let’s move on to the next accessory: wooden sunglasses.


Sunglasses are a fairly quintessential accessory when you are looking to make a quality fashion statement. Depending on your choice of style, sunglasses can create a sleek, polished persona or make you look like the antagonist from every Hollywood movie. Combine that look with the trendy concept of the now trendy wooden frames and you have the ultimate classy look.

Here are three reasons you should switch your choice of glasses to wooden glasses.




The usual sunglasses have looked almost the same in all its years; so much so even the more modern ones look like they are recycled. So wouldn’t you rather change your looks with stylish wood rimmed sunglasses? Slipping on a pair of wooden sunglasses gives you a more natural and earthy tone yet still maintaining masculinity and style.

Light Weight

Arguably the most surprising thing about sunglasses is that they are actually lightweight.  The right essence of wood for your wooden sunglass is actually lighter than the more used plastic frames.


Wooden sunglasses are a timeless accessory that transcends trends and styles. While wooden frames are undoubtedly stylish, they provide a hip look without being too trendy.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

As with wooden watches, wooden sunglasses are actually eco-friendly. Unlike the more popularized sunglasses that are made of synthetic material that pollute the ecosystem during and after production, wood can be sustainably sourced and most of the time wooden sunglasses are made out of reclaimed wood. Most companies that are manufacturing wooden sunglasses and frames are doing so in ways that are renewable, reduce harmful emissions and overall, better for the environment.

Wooden Sunglasses Everything Wood Store

 Now that we have established the fact that wooden accessories would not be going out of trend anytime soon, let's get to a more recent utilization of wooden accessories… Wooden Phone Cases!

There’s no gainsaying how important our mobile phones are and how important it is to protect them using a variety of protective gadgets such as tempered glasses, mobile phone cases etc.

If you have a mobile device, then it is in your best interest to invest in a case and while you are at it, you might want to add a little bit of trendy and stylish which is what wooden phone cases offer.

Like every other wooden accessory we have mentioned here, wooden phone cases are durable, lightweight, unique and economical but here are three other benefits of using a wooden phone case.


Wooden Phone Cases

Wooden phone Case

 Custom Engraving: Wood casings are unique as there are no two wooden cases of the same style or pattern. With wooden cases, you can customize your engravings to depict your persona or personality. Whether it’s a company logo, sketch, or unique design that you want to be engraved on your case, it’s fairly simple to carve into your wood casing.


Affordable: Even though phone cases are simply necessary, there’s no need to spend too much money on a plastic phone case that looks similar to all your friend's phone casings.  The best part about wooden phone cases is that they are very reasonably priced and they will for sure make your phone stand out amongst the rest.

Options: Wooden cases come in a variety of style depending on the type of wood used in making them. They come in several hues and shades of brown and black and when painted, there is no limit to the beauty your phone cases can have.

 In summary, wooden accessories are here to stay… You get one now, and you would have a lifetime accessory!

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