Wood Headphone Noise Canceling Made From Real Wood

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The delicate ECO-friendly design and premium quality are all over these great wood headphones. The HQ headphones are handcrafted from real wood (walnut or rosewood) in one of the best designs you’ll see in a headphone. Due to their great hardware, they produce crystal clear powerful sound making them a joy to use. Their true supremacy is expressed through the exceptional audio quality and strong deep bass, while the wood design is making them look additionally powerful.


Healthy ---Anti-static, Radiation control, and fatigue relief.Green ----Natural Texture,recyclable ,degradable
Comfort----Warm in winter,Cool in summer ,Sweet-absorbent,Anti slip,Natural .
Fashion---Global Initialized, Trends, innovative.
Elegance ----Simple in style, Feeling in peace, High class at the look, Elegance at sight. 

1) Original green technology, art, and creative fusion
2) Professional top design team luxury masterpiece
3) Ergonomic design,super comfortable non-slip handle,sliding close,popular
4) Original color of nature
5) Green, Anti-static, low carbon recycled in line with EU standards.



Frequency response:              20Hz-20 KHz

Impedance:                             16Ω±15%

Drive unit: 6U Mylar,  inner speaker: Ø 10mm
Sensitivity:                             99-108dB
Rated Input power:                 3mW
Wire:                                       PU/PVC, Length 1.3M
Plug:                                        3.5mm
Microphone:                            4.5*2.2mm-42db+/-3db
lead time:                               20 working days after final confirm
Top Selling point:                    Eco-friendly&Originl Natural Material

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